Closing a Mortgage

Closing a Mortgage in Brookfield Center, CT

The following tips will help make your loan closing process as easy and stress-free as possible.

  • Pay closing costs with a cashier's check made payable to your title company.
  • Notify your lender if your salary or compensation changes from what is listed on your application.
  • Notify your lender if your address changes, as mortgage and rental verification must be completed for all previous addresses during the last two years.
  • Get homeowner's insurance ahead of time with at least the minimum coverage of your loan amount or the replacement value of the home.
  • Give the loan officer the name and contact information of your agent at least 10 days before closing.
Closing a Loan in Brookfield Center, CT
  • Maintain a paper trail or documentation for any large deposits into your bank account.
  • Notify your lender if you transfer funds.
  • Verify you have a clear termite inspection report or a receipt for treatment.
  • Do not make large purchases or open new credit accounts before your loan closes because your credit will be run a second time before closing.
  • Do not change jobs without contacting your lender, as this change may affect your ability to qualify for a mortgage. Lenders sometimes verify employment again at closing.
  • Do not co-sign for any loans or credit accounts, as they will appear on your credit report.
  • If you are not sure what you should be doing during the loan process, contact your loan officer.
Loan Process in Brookfield Center, CT

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