Interest Only Loans

Mill Hill, CT Interest Only Loans

The majority of mortgages in Mill Hill, CT have a monthly payment that includes some portion of principal and interest. Interest only mortgages are different. For a specific period of time (typically 5 to 10 years), you will only pay toward the interest on your loan. During this time period, the principal balance on your loan will remain the same and you will not be paying down your mortgage, but your payments will be much lower.

Advantages of an Interest Only Mortgage in Mill Hill, CT

Mill Hill, CT interest only mortgages have advantages, including the ability to buy a more expensive home than you could afford with a typical home loan.

You may want to consider an interest only mortgage if...

  • You own investment property
  • You are comfortable with a payment that will go higher
  • You are self-employed and have a large down payment
  • You prefer to invest your money elsewhere rather than your home
  • You would rather have a low payment instead of equity in your home
  • You are confident your income will go up in a few years, but want a costlier home now
Interest Only Mortgage Mill Hill, CT

Disadvantages of an Interest Only Loan in Mill Hill, CT

While an interest only loan can be a good option for some Mill Hill, CT home buyers, there are downsides to this loan program. It is very important to understand ahead of time that an interest only mortgage will not amortize. This means you can be underwater very fast if home prices in your area fall. You may counteract this by putting down a larger down payment, which gives you instant equity and a buffer if prices fall.

You should also be comfortable with the fact that your monthly payments will go up when your interest-only period comes to an end. You should have the means to afford the larger mortgage payment once principal is included, and realize that you risk not being able to refinance your loan if home prices fall and you do not have equity.

Advantages of an Interest Only Mortgage Mill Hill, CT

Mill Hill, CT Interest Only Mortgage New Rules

Interest only mortgages were very popular prior to the recession, although they remain popular with well-qualified buyers in certain situations. New mortgage rules in Mill Hill, CT that went into effect at the start of 2014 have impacted loan options, and these rules have made it harder to find interest only home loans which cannot be considered a Qualified Mortgage under these rules. Loans that meet QM status offer Mill Hill, CT lenders protection if borrowers default, so you should be prepared to provide a large down payment and show sizable assets to get approved today.

Disadvantages of an Interest Only Loan Mill Hill, CT

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